Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wish you were here to capture the beautiful view of this country

It's not everyday, you get to spend time with you're mother and father, well in my case; it is. Being here (Philippines) does have its advantages, including the family love cherished each day, the shopping! oh lord, don't get my started and just the weather at the moment, considering back home, in Adelaide it seems that the sky is a bit upset. So, here i am, still in the Philippines, consonantly seeking down the window from this internet cafe.  The people here are too nice, the weathers great, life's great. Having the feeling of not having to make the bed in the morning, to have maids to clean up after too, although you do feel guilty at times, but hey it's the holidays, time to chillax.

Throughout these days spent here, i realized how nice and caring my mother really is, and how much interest she has in my future. Firstly, this morning mum and i made over 50 lolly bags for the little disadvantaged, poor children that live around our area. As well, she pays for all my cousins to maintain an education, and also pocket money. No wonder, she works hard.

The other, well, yesterday, we had a talk about my future and what i want to be, which she suggested, -a doctor, but i know i don't and can't proceed in that idea. Although it would be great, but it's not for me. She considered i move schools, to get a better education in maths, as my current school isn't opening the class for 'methods maths' which i find is perfect for me, not too easy, not too hard ; perfect.

On the 16th of Dec, mum dad and i are traveling by plane to this place called, Cebu, and Baracy, which is a famous tourism site in the Philippines. I'm excited! I shall update you all when i get the chance too!

Hope all is well for you and your family! Enjoy each day as it passes, as life is too short to just bore yourself, and school is coming up, so party hard guys! I miss you all, dearly.