Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last sleepover for this 2010.

 Stayed at my best friend, Savina's house last night. Yep, chilling and watching movies and eating heaps of junk food and doing each others make ups... i mean, the guy's faces. 

Didn't get to bed until, 4ish am. Woke up at 9 and wished my beast of a friend, Richana a happy birthday! twice.. Jeff then asked me if i wanted to go Harbor town, with them (joof, roch, &vona). I swear, first time for going on a shopping spree with.. guys. I believe they are twice as worse as girls! They take ages browsing around the stores! Oh well, guys will be guys, when it comes to shopping. They all ended up purchasing items, whilst i didn't spend anything! Until.. we went off to eat. I wasn't really in the mood for eating, despite the horrific weather. But, we went to eat at a place called, 'Good life' which is quite interesting, considering it's an organic place. Yes, the food was amazing! yet so expensive. Ended up ordering two pizzas, and the total $? Yeah, $57 mate. Oh well, let's just consider that all half of their bday present :D Although, can't put a price on that amazing health fooood. Lastly, PARTY HARD BRO, live it up! as always

Overall, lovely and chill-axed couple of days!

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