Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 1: Best friend #2

Dear Best friend,

We have been through, so much. deadset, we've moved from group to group, yet you've been the only one with me. Those days in year 3, when we had maths together, swapping things.. i swear, i want my book back. As the days passed and we grew older, more drama came between us. But never between our friendship. I will always be there for you, no matter what. And you do know that, by the past experiences and adventures we've been through together. I wont ever leave your side. You, my dear are a major joker. I love it, you and your jokes. Even though, 99.9% of them aren't even funny, it's funny cause it's not funny. You have a great sense of humor and girlll don't ever change! You're amazing and you're still the same old alysha that would play monopoly with me in the morning on the mattress of your floor. I love you sweets, keep up the work, cause you're a smart and supportive bestie! Much love, xoxo gossip girl btw...
'whatcha wearin?'
'shawty got fitz'
...'zoom up on someones face'    

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