Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 1: Your best friend

Dear Best friend,

We've been through so much together, yet you are the only one who has ALWAYS, i repeat. 'ALWAYS' been on my side, in any situation. To me, you're the most perfect girl ever. You've got the personality, you're a person who doesn't give a rat's ass about what others think of you, nor change yourself or any purpose. That's what i love about you. You can have the time of your life! even when you're alone (sleeping). I never knew how much of an effect you would have on my life, alone. Better yet, i envy you, you and your strength. You do know what i mean. And i know you can maintain that strength longer than you think or expect. You don't let anything get to you, and your the type that will cross into the devil's way just to be there for someone. You're one intelligent and fascinated girl! This letter if for you, i hope you embrace all these special girls your beautiful parents have gave you, as well as Buddha, gotta give him so credit too yah know. Thank you so much for everything and i wish you all the best in all your struggles. I love you sweet cheeks.

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